Inboard M1 Review 2019 – The Best Electric Longboard?

inboard m1 review

In recent years, the number of electric skateboards has literally exploded. Especially in the premium segment.

I usually define a board as “premium” if they’re priced over $1,000. And if you’re shopping for such a board you need to do some very thorough research. Because it’s a bad idea wasting money on sub-par products.

But Tim, what premium boards are worthy of my earned cash?

That’s a great question! And to make your life easier I decided to take a closer look at the Inboard M1, one of the most popular electric longboards as of today.

In case you haven’t heard of Inboard, they were founded by Theo Cerboneschi and Ryan Evans in 2014 with a vision to transform the personal transportation market. And after a successful kickstarter campaign, they grew into a successful company offering high quality electric transportation products. In particular they pride themselves on their great customer service, so if you have any sort of issues with your M1 board, getting help is very easy.

Like other high end electric skateboards (Evolve, Boosted etc), the Inboard M1 has a smooth slick design and a powerful motor that fits into compact spaces. However, the M1 has some unique features that sets them apart from their competitors.

Now, let’s check out my full Inboard M1 review!


As always let’s first have a look at the specification:

Speed 22 mph / 35 km/h
Range 7 miles / 11 km
Weight 14.5 lbs / 6.57 kg
Length 37.5″ / 95 cm
Max Load  250 lbs / 113.3 kg



inboard m1 review

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Motor & Range

The motor is what really makes the M1 Inboard special. The board is powered by dual In-Hub motors, a technology that requires no gears and no belts. This innovation offers smooth acceleration with little to no resistance, allowing the Inboard M1 to roll pretty much like a conventional skateboard.

With In-Hub motors there are no bulky external drive train parts to get in the way (like on Boosted boards), giving the Inboard M1 a high-tech look and feel. And with a top speed of 22 mph getting your adrenaline fix should be no problemo. Not to mention the motor is as quiet as it gets.

In addition, the Inboard M1 is equipped with 43.2v / 97 Wh Lithium-ion batteries offering a 7 miles range (+/-2 miles tolerance). The range is one of the few negative things about this board. You see, today most boards comes with a 10 miles+ range, especially with this price tag. However, Inboard has developed a unique swappable battery technology, and a spare battery can be swapped in seconds. Consequently the range is vastly improved, and extra portable batteries can be purchased directly from the Inboard website.

Finally, the Inboard M1 has three rider modes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each mode has different top speed and acceleration, making it easy for every type of rider to enjoy this board. And as you progress and get more comfortable, you can switch to a more advanced mode.

Design & Deck

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard comes with a 37.5″ all-black deck giving you a premium style without being too flashy. And, if you are looking for a bit more color, the company is also selling a “M1 Artist Series”, a handcrafted board with a more colorful design. However, it’s limited to only 50 boards.

The deck is made from composite with a core that combines inverted 3D Poplar wood with full sandwich PU sidewalls. And it’s covered in the same fiberglass sheet that’s used for premium snowboards. The deck is designed to be stiff, allowing for higher speed and stability. And it’s splash resistant (though not fully water resistant).

Moreover, the deck has bright LED lights on the nose and tail, making the board much more visible in the dark. This is a great safety feature.

Finally, the board weighs only 14.5 lbs which is very good for an electric longboard.

inboard m1 review

Remote Control & App

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard comes with both an ergonomic remote control and a smartphone app.

First, the remote control is hands down the best I ever seen. It’s unique grip makes it effortlessly stay in my hand. You can also clip it onto the board or to your backpack with ease. In addition, the controls are well designed, and everything from acceleration to braking is intuitive.

But the smartphone app is what really separates the M1 Inboard from other boards. It’s just the best electric skateboard app available as of today. It can be used to control the board (instead of the remote), plus check battery levels and adjust settings. In addition, you can chat with customer support directly from the app, control the LED lights, and download the latest software.

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Inboard M1 Review: Summary

Alright, let’s sum up the pros and cons we have found:


  • Sturdy and lightweight design.
  • Comparable pricing to similar boards.
  • Great power and speed.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Fast swappable batteries.
  • Ergonomic remote control.
  • Comes with a cool app.
  • Approved for airtravel.
  • Splash resistant with IP54 rating.
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Great customer support.
  • 0% APR financing available.
  • 14-Day guarantee and 1-Year warranty.


  • Somewhat limited range.
  • Not a beginner board.

Inboard M1 Review: Conclusion

Inboard is a company that keeps growing every year. And as they grow, so does the quality of their electric skateboards. The Inboard M1 is a great example how far they come in just a few years.

And Inboard M1 has all the features of comparable electric skateboards. Plus more, like the innovative app and the swappable batteries.

However, because of the performance and the price, it’s not really a beginner board, but perhaps better suited for experienced skaters.

Considering all the pros and cons, I am giving the Inboard M1 4 out of 5 stars.

Highly recommended!

Important: To avoid counterfeits and to ensure a legit product warranty, you should only use a trusted store for your purchase. Therefore I recommend to buy the board directly from the manufacturer, and the button below will take you to the M1 Inboard product page:

inboard M1 review



PS: In closing, I hope my Inboard M1 review will be helpful when you’re making your choice. In addition, there are plenty of things to consider when you’re buying your first electric skateboard. I recommend you looking around our site to learn about some frequent mistakes to avoid when buying your board. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail using the contact form below.


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